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IT services

Modern technologies for effective development of business

Software development

We will identify the disadvantages of the current systems. We will develop software taking into account your business tasks, harmoniously implement the program in the company, and train the staff.

Servers and network maintenance

We will choose the equipment and completely organize the server space. We will install the programs and systems that are necessary for work, and monitor their status. We will create a network layout and optimize it.

Development and UX/UI design

We will create the architecture of the site according the request from business. We will set up internal and external interaction on the server, we'll do the testing and optimize the information output. We will design an intuitive interface. We will develop a memorable corporate identity and fill the site with meanings.

Analytics and promotion

We will audit the market and determine the most effective solutions for your company. We'll write error-free code, develop a selling interface, adapt it for any devices, and take care of the promotion of your application.


Events to promote brands, products and services

Venues selection

Creativity and production

Art management

We help with the organisation of internal corporate, client and partner events of any scale. We prepare transfers and help with the organisation of venues.

We develop colourful concepts for your events and PR companies. We provide video and photo support services.

We prepare individual event programmes, select actors, presenters and celebrities. We develop promotional materials for events.

project support

Setting up the business for effective work

We will create a site of any complexity

Adaptive layout of websites and landings. Optimisation of the layout for all tasks.

We will test your products

We develop auto tests and run them for set goals. We document all found defects and correct them.

We will make competent product development

Our developers create user interfaces for web resources and design a server part that provides the operation of all functions and data storage.


We carry out security audits of your Internet resources based on OWASP, WASC, OSSTMM methodologies. Our offers will help to accurately identify and block hacker attacks of any level.

We will train your employees

We are engaged in training beginners and experienced programmers, administrators and developers in standards of secure development, code writing and vulnerability testing.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Comprehensive implementation of CI/CD practices. We will make it easier to merge the newly-completed code into a basic code base.

We will optimise the code and development process

We conduct a full audit and implement SOLID practices. We will accelerate the development process and the performance of your current solutions.

For whom?

Educational platforms

Financial institutions

Big and small business

Private clients

Why us?

8 years in the market

Over the years of our company’s operation, we have gained experience in 34 business areas - from agriculture to banking.

We will do the work on time

We discuss the timing of the project in advance, taking into account possible changes, and always comply with it.

We will agree on everything

The project will be handed over after full agreement with you. We approve every text, picture and code line.

We are responsible for the result

All work results will be presented in a convenient and clear format. We prepare detailed reports on each stage of the project.

About us

EvrAz Transnet is an IT company that implements effective solutions for business in the modern digital environment. We began our work in the Russian market eight years ago and now work with clients from Europe and the Middle East on a permanent basis. The principle of our team's work is a competent symbiosis of technical and creative solutions to achieve your company's specific business goals.


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